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What makes us different?

We are a brand with a mission. A mission to give you great tasting, zero sugar drinks using only natural ingredients and sweetener, and a mission to help Sea Turtles through our conservation efforts. We’re here to make an impact.

Our story

Hi, I’m Caitlin the founder of Turtle Sodas.  Having started my career in aerospace  and cyber security the jump to soft  drinks might seem an odd one, but like  so many business ideas it grew out of a personal experience. In my early 20s  I contracted Lymes Disease. A terrible illness, recovery involved a long period of  medical treatment, but also a complete  diet over hall to rebuild my immunity. I  had to completely eliminate sugar and  artificial sweeteners from my diet, as both  are highly inflammatory and negatively  impact the gut biome.

Having a big sweet  tooth this was a huge challenge, and I  began to look for alternatives. I discovered  stevia in the early days of its entry onto  the UK market and have never looked back. Those who know me are used to  seeing me with my stevia sachets for  my coffees. As a devoted beverage fan  (coffees to colas) I was frustrated by the  lack of great tasting drinks which cater for people wishing to avoid the pitfalls of  sugar or artificial sweeteners…..but still seek a full flavoured profile.

The idea for  ‘Turtle’ was born and I’ve been excited by  the opportunity to create a truly healthy  soda brand which can engage consumers  to support marine turtles and wider ocean  conservation projects.

Join us… #bemoreturtle

Why Turtle?

The sea turtle is our brand’s animal spirit.

It is the symbol of origin for many ancient civilizations.

Turtle Sodas was built to channel the positive energy  of the sea turtle and everything it represents: travel,  freedom, adventure, natural wisdom and ‘going with  the flow’.

We believe everyone should #bemoreturtle.

The sea turtle embodies healthy living and  conservation imperatives – the two key elements that fuel  our mission.


Despite being on the planet for more then 100 million years, more than half of sea turtles are now endangered due to human encroachment (fishing, pollution, plastic, habitat destruction).

Turtle Sodas is committed to making an impact through our 3 conservation pillars: Education, Turtle Fund, Turtle Sodas Volunteers.


A large part of our brand  messaging will be dedicated  towards sea turtle conservation.  We will use TurtleSodas social media, events and lecture series to spread awareness about conservation and how  we can all make an impact….it goes beyond plastic.

Turtle Fund

Our Turtle Fund we will make  personal donations and  encourage consumers, investors  and any corporate partners to  donate and direct funds to our  charity partners via Turtle Sodas.  We have exciting projects lined  up with our partners to help  boost sea turtle numbers in the  wild, protect nesting sites and  rehabilitate turtles injured by the  impact of human encroachment  (ghost nets, plastics, pollution).

Turtle Sodas Volunteers

Many of the projects we work  with are in consistent need of  volunteers. As we grow, we will  sponsor Turtle Sodas volunteer  positions to help our charity  partners and directly engage our consumers in the sea turtle  conservation effort.

Become a turtle friend

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