Why Turtle?

Business With Purpose

We created Turtle Sodas as we believe in business with purpose.

Soft drinks and bottled waters have a terrible track record with our oceans. From marine mammals ingesting kilos of plastic, to strangulation by plastic pack rings, the problem has only got worse as the popularity of bottled water and beverages took off.

Making Change To Our Environment

When we created Turtle Sodas we wanted to challenge the idea that drinks brands had to be inherently bad for you and bad for the environment.Believing in business with purpose, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to create a conservation lead brand. As the only species on earth that makes, consumes and pollutes, she felt it was only fair that we give back to other species who are the net victims in this cycle.

Why The Turtle?

The sea turtle is our brand’s animal spirit. It is the symbol of origin for many ancient civilisations. The sea turtle embodies healthy living and conservation imperatives – two key elements that fuel our brand.
Turtle Sodas was built to channel the positive energy of the sea turtle and everything it represents: travel, freedom, adventure, natural wisdom and ‘going with the flow’.