Why Turtle?

Why Turtle?

The sea turtle is our brand's animal spirit. At Turtle Sodas we channel the spirit of the sea turtle and all it represents: Freedom, natural wisdom, going with the flow and touching the planet lightly.

Fins not wings

In an era of burnout, excess and unchallenged growth, we believe everyone could learn to be a little more turtle.


Our Mission

When we created Turtle Sodas we wanted to challenge the idea that soft drinks had to be inherently bad for you and bad for the environment.

As the only species on earth that makes, consumes and pollutes, we felt it was only fair that we give back to other species who are the net victims in this cycle.

 Our Mission? Sea turtle conservation. Our enemy? Ghost gear.


Our Work

At Turtle Sodas, alongside working with our charity partner The Olive Ridley Project to rehabilitate injured sea turtles, we also support the removal of ghost gear from the ocean and incentivise local fishing communities to repurpose them into items of use such as dog leads.

Ghost gear, which consists of discarded and abandoned fishing nets, is a form of plastic pollution. It is the most dangerous type of pollution for marine life as it was specifically designed to catch and kill them.